Roly Mo is a cheerful, kind and wise mole with a passion for books, stories, games and activities that entertain as well as educate.  In particular this show inspires young viewers to discover the magic of reading.

Bursting with excitement and keen to learn, Little Bo explores the big wide world with the help of her Uncle Roly Mo’s never ending collection of books, which are stored in his library; he has a story or rhyme or song for every occasion and is a friendly and reassuring guide to his niece.

Joining in the fun are the boisterous and loveable snoots Yugo and Migo, the stripy blue tree frog Rockit and Ribble the baby bird.

Delightful and warm-hearted, lively and curious, the Roly Mo crew are sure to win their place in the hearts of all young viewers.

Roly Mo10015 mins
Storytime with Roly Mo302 mins
  • Roly Mo

    Roly Mo

    Roly Mo, the storytelling mole, is warm hearted and wise with a jolly sense of humour! Roly is a good listener, offering guidance, advice and an endless supply of wonderful stories to his friends Yugo and Migo, and his favourite niece Little Bo.

    But there's more to Roly than meets the eye! He's a very elegant mole with a vast array of hats which he wears according to his mood and situation! And did you know that Roly is a highly talented banjo player? This very accomplished mole, is also an expert at cooking, painting, gardening, star gazing through his own Rolyscope, and knitting. Roly is also very fond of a good nap but with the boisterous Yugo and Migo around, this is often impossible!

    At the end of a busy day he likes nothing better than to relax with a copy of the Daily Mole, a Moly Munchie or two and Moo his favourite toy!

  • Roly Mo

    Little Bo

    Roly Mo's niece Little Bo is a typical six year old mole - curious, capable, independent and with an infectious sense of humour.

    Little Bo loves to learn but when she's not sure of things she'll turn to her Uncle Roly for advice and kind words. She likes songs and rhymes and is learning to read simple stories for herself, something she likes to do with her Uncle Roly.

    Little Bo is proud of her pony tail and has an endless collection of hair bows and hats and she loves her floral backpack which contains her precious Busy Book, an exciting source of games and activities.

    Little Bo's best friend is her cuddly toy Floppy, a pink cloth baby mole.

  • Roly Mo


    Rockit the irrepressible blue tree frog, bounces into Roly Mo's underground home in search of fun with his friends and some of Roly's very good Apple Crumble Cake!

    With his great self confidence, outlandish suggestions and solutions to problems, this natural comedian is a great favourite with Yugo and Migo, who admire him greatly and look forward to his occasional visits with eager anticipation.

    With his active imagination and ambitious plans Rockit adds excitement and laughter to the friends' games making them even more chaotic than normal!

  • Roly Mo

    Yugo + Migo

    Roly Mo's mischievous houseguests, Yugo and Migo are very rare creatures called snoots! They arrived for tea with Roly one day and never left!

    They are a classic comedy double act and whenever they are around chaos ensues. Inseparable friends and non-identical twins, they love finishing each others rhymes. They are very different characters though. Yugo loves to remember things and Migo loves to pretend to forget things! Yugo loves the rain and Migo hates getting wet but he does love to snootle in the sunshine.

    Whatever their differences, they both love to join in Little Bo's songs and games.

    Yugo is very fond of Snudge, his favourite toy which is really just a misshapen blob of material. Migo loves his Bibby, a rather grubby bib which goes everywhere with him.

Roly Mo's Burrow

Executive Producer

  • Mike Watts

Series Producer

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Special Sequences Director

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