Fimbles creates a world full of entertainment, laughter and surprise, a world that children want to visit time and time again. Brimming with wonder, joy, delight and sheer enthusiasm, the Fimbles are interested in everyone and everything.  Their imaginations know no limits, and to them anything seems possible.

Their natural talent is for finding things. When something is waiting to be found, the three Fimbles - Fimbo, Florrie and Baby Pom - get that very special Fimbling Feeling; their fingers twinkle, their topknots twitch and their noses wrinkle with excitement as they move towards the object that's waiting to be found, eager to touch and explore it for the first time. These 'finds' might be real objects, a button, a key or a seashell; they might be natural elements,sunshine, wind or rain, or something even more imaginative, such as a colour, a sound or a number.


Accompanied on their adventures by their guide and mentor Bessie the bird, Rockit the blue treefrog and Roly Mo the mole, the Fimbles are warm-hearted, exuberant, inquisitive, open and playful.

Full of fun, music and laughter and the delights of exploration and discovery, every day is a Fimbly Finding day!


Fimbles20020 mins
Fimbly Songtime122 mins
  • Fimbles


    Fimbo is boisterous, fun-loving and energetic. He's sometimes mischievous and sometimes serious but he's always eager to find things out and comes up with many inventive ideas and schemes. Fimbo loves his friend Rockit's high energy and enthusiasm - when things go wrong for the pair, and they sometimes do, their irrepressible good humour and inventiveness save the day!

    Fimbo loves music and has his own special musical instrument, the Shimmy Shaker, which inevitably accompanies the Fimbles' musical adventures and which he plays with great vigour. And last but by no means least, Fimbo loves to eat! Especially apples and his favourite Crumble Crackers!

  • Fimbles


    Florrie is a sunny little Fimble, full of wonder and joy! Endlessly curious, she's an adverturous and outgoing Fimble who wants to understand and master new situations and new skills. She loves to be active and to dance and sing, and encourages her friends to join her in the songs and rhymes that she loves to perform.

    One of Florrie's favourite things is Roly Mo! She loves to listen to him reading stories.

    Energetic and spontaneous, Florrie has a passion for imaginary play and for her tiny Fimble doll, Little One.

  • Fimbles

    Baby Pom

    Little Baby Pom is still very small but she's a real bundle of fun, full of laughter and excitement. She's keen to try new things and loves collecting new words and trying them out on the others!

    She's a constant joy to watch as she urges her friends in Fimble Valley to 'Play, Play', 'Sing, Sing', 'Find, Find'! She's very independent and wants to try things for herself, delighting in achieving the simplest tasks, and then with dogged determination wanting to do them over and over again!

    Baby Pom enjoys playing with her trundle truck, and is particularly fond of Bessie's chick Ribble!

  • Fimbles


    Bessie is a colourful, plump, round and fluffy bird! Kind and caring, she keeps a motherly eye on the Fimbles play, providing help and support to guide them through their world. Like most birds, Bessie is particularly good at seeing things, and she is often the one who makes the connections for the Fimbles to the big world outside, by posing just the right question at the right time or through an appropriate comment or thought.

    Mother to her tiny chick Ribble, Bessie is always bustling and sometimes bossy, but she is big hearted and kindly, with a rich sense of humour and a laugh to match.

  • Fimbles

    Roly Mo

    Roly Mo is a wise, good humoured friend and confidante to the young Fimbles, and now the star of his own television show!

    He's always ready with a shoulder to lean on and is a calming influence when the others get too excited! His approach to life is relaxed and unflappable, and there's nothing he likes more than having a good nap, something that is very difficult to do with young Fimbles around!

    A natural storyteller - he knows just the story or rhyme to fit every occasion, and he is often to be found browsing among the endless collection of books in his library, singing his book-finding song.

  • Fimbles


    Rockit, the treefrog, is as boisterous as his best friend Fimbo and as enthusiastic as Baby Pom. In fact he likes to think of himself as the fourth Fimble!

    As the natural jester of the group, Rockit loves to make the Fimbles laugh . Full of beans and very excitable, he sometimes just lets himself go, dancing wildly and ricocheting around the valley, nearly always ending up in a heap on the floor.

    Wildly imaginative, he's a very ambitious little frog and although he often comes to grief, he doesn't let that deter him - he'll just pick himself up, dust himself off and try again, much to his friends amusement.

    When he's not busy making mischief, Rockit finds his way to Roly Mo's underground home for more fun and games with Roly, Little Bo and the boisterous Yugo and Migo!

  • Fimbles


    Bessie's chick Ribble only knows one word and that's 'cheep', which he invests with a dozen different meanings. A fluffy, golden bundle of joy, when he's especially happy he starts to vibrate.

Fimble Valley

Series Producer

  • Lucinda Whiteley

Executive Producer

  • Mike Watts

Based on characters created by

  • Sarah Hayes

Costume Characters

  • Adam Blaug
  • Samantha Dodd
  • Denise Dove
  • Leah Green
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Animatronic Operators

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Episodes written by

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  • Richard Bird
  • Simon Davies
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  • Simon Grover
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Head of Production

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Executive Producer for BBC

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With special thanks to

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