Fantastic Viewing Figures for Horrid Henry: The Movie’s First Outing on Nicktoons

Fantastic viewing figures for Horrid Henry: The Movie’s first outing on Nicktoons

Even though Horrid Henry: The Movie was first released at cinemas in July 2011 and has been available on DVD since December 2011, and even though it has already aired on Netflix and is available to rent on Amazon Prime, the Movie still did brilliant numbers for its first outing on Nicktoons in October 2019, ranking number 1 in its timeslot, with a share of 9.2%.

The second showing took place on Sunday 6th October and still grabbed a high ranking at number 2 in its lunchtime timeslot.

Lucinda Whiteley, Executive Producer, commented; ‘How fantastic that the movie is still enjoyed by so many of Henry’s fans, proving that it is high quality family entertainment which can be enjoyed by both boys and girls; the movie happened to screen on my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present!’.

When asked if she was working on a sequel, Whiteley responded as follows; ‘Absolutely!  And not just one but two sequels, as the story of how Henry ends up saving the world needs more than just 90 minutes!’.

So stay tuned, stay horrid and we’ll be back with more updates soon!

Posted on 9th Jan 2020