Horrid Henry Live and Horrid Teaching Pack

The Horrid Henry Live and Horrid Teaching Pack is aimed primarily at children in Year 1 – Year 4 and includes:

  • Information about the author Francesca Simon and an interview with the playwright, John Godber.
  • A section is for classroom use and focuses on characters found in the play, as well as drawing on any others the children may already know from the books.
  • Writing ideas for use in the classroom as well as a selection of other curriculum based activities, including Maths. Many ideas are based on characters and events in the play and cover a variety of curriculum areas.
  • A section is for children to access themselves. Activities in this section can be printed out and used at home or in the classroom.

Horrid Henry Live and Horrid teaching pack is available on the Horrid Henry website via the link below:


Posted on 6th Jan 2020