The Fimbles: Teletubbies II? | A Look Back at Our News

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In August 2002 the Independent wrote a piece on Fimbles, detailing the nature of the show and drawing comparisons to other pre-school programmes, such as Teletubbies and Tweenies.

Writer, Meg Carter reports on the shows theme of discovery. In the 130 episodes of the first series the characters find something, interact with it, tell a story, sing and encourage children to use their imagination. She writes how they speak English, with a language range of their target audience of children aged two-four years old. 

Lucinda Whiteley, co-founder of Novel Entertainment, was quoted "It's narrative-led, with a clear storyline and other stories woven in," she says. "It's about making connections, and how the characters interact."

The article goes on to discuss pre school programming and shows in more detail. If you would like to read the full article, visit the Independent’s website.

Posted on 13th Dec 2019