Nickelodeon Acquires All of Horrid Henry

In May 2018, Nickelodeon’s UK and Ireland division acquired all five series of Novel Entertainment’s Horrid Henry.

The series launched on Nicktoons on the 28th of May 2018 with a week long takeover during half term. After this week, Horrid Henry became a part of the channels schedule.

Currently, there are 250 episodes of Horrid Henry available, which makes it one of the biggest animated shows in the UK.

Lucinda Whiteley, co-producer for Novel Entertainment, stated: “We are delighted that Nickelodeon is supporting the new season of Horrid Henry and it is exciting to be producing 42 brand new episodes of the much-loved show. We are genuinely thrilled that Horrid Henry continues to engage with fans new and old.”

SVP and general manager Nickelodeon UKNEE, Alison Bakunowich, commented: “Horrid Henry is a fantastic addition to the Nicktoons line-up and a hilarious juxtaposition to our optimistic SpongeBob.”

Horrid Henry is a success in a number of other countries and has been sold to over 90 territories, including TVP1 Poland, SVT Sweden, Mediacorp Singapore, ABC Australia and more. In the UK, you will find Horrid Henry on Netflix and Nicktoons.

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Posted on 19th Dec 2019