Get your face on - we’re all in this together!

Well, here we are with our ‘we didn’t win but were delighted to be nominated’ faces on; okay, full disclosure, we were all hoping for a win for our wonderful Lizzie Waterworth this time round – it was Henry's 8th nomination, but he’s still a winner in waiting, for now at least!

Don’t get me wrong - we had the most fabulous time at the BAFTAs on Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent company, food and presentations throughout the evening.  And each and every one of the winners deserve the highest congratulations and praise.  As do all the nominees – with more than 90 potential winners the quality and diversity of children’s programming here in the UK shines as brightly as ever.

And then the reaction of the Turner prize nominees got me thinking; did anyone else cheer when they heard that all four shortlisted artists had won, after requesting to be considered as a group?  And did anyone else cheer even more loudly when they heard the artists’ clear and considered reasons for doing so?

‘When there is so already so much that divides and isolates people and communities, we feel strongly motivated…to make a collective statement in the name of commonality, multiplicity and solidarity – in art as in society’.

So here’s to everyone who dedicates their skill, enterprise and working lives to ensuring that children can be seen, heard and most importantly listened to; whether you are doing it through live action, entertainment, animation or unscripted, through the medium of paint, words, film or any other form of expression, whether you are speaking to an audience of millions or just one, we are a community all pulling in the same direction and we salute you! 

We're all in this together!

Posted on 4th Dec 2019