Fimbles follow Tweenies onto the small screen | A Look Back at Our News

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In May, 2002, Julia Day of The Guardian, wrote an article all about the new pre-school programme, Fimbles, created by Novel Entertainment.

The article writes how Fimbles is about discovery, with characters exploring their magical world. The characters in the show speak English, which Julia Day suggests parents will be pleased about after shows such as the Teletubbies who created their own baby language.

In total, Novel Entertainment made 200 episodes of Fimbles. It was premiered on the digital children’s channel CBeebies and BBC2. Alongside the show, Fisher-Price developed, manufactured and distributed a range of products such as soft, plastic and electronic Fimbles toys.

To read the full article by Julia Day, visit the Guardian website.

Posted on 19th Dec 2019