Mipjunior discuss SVOD with Mike Watts

SVOD - MIPJunior in discussion with Mike Watts, Co-Founder and CEO of Novel Entertainment 

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Mike Watts, co-founder and CEO of Novel Entertainment says: “Platforms like Netflix are incredibly important to us, particularly for our animated series Horrid Henry. All 250 epoisodes have been available on the UK service since Netflix launched in 2013.

Internationally, Horrid Henry is available through Netflix in all countries including US, France and Australia, and we also have deals with Amazon in countries like India. Some of these options weren’t available until a few years ago.”

Watts, like Galton, says this has not precluded deals with pay-TV operators. In the UK, the fifth season of Horrid Henry premiered on Netflix last Christmas with Nickelodeon screening the series this year. Elsewhere the show is available on pay TV via a multi territory deal with Turner in Asia Pacific, Watts adds.

Novel Entertainment’s Watts notes that “other players in the UK pay-TV sector are investing in animation. For example, Sky Kids have been active with Moominvalley.”

Interview taken from MIPJUNIOR PREVIEW, September 2019

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Posted on 24th Oct 2019