October 2017 - HORRID HENRY AS GAEILGE on TG4!

Horrid Henry will air on TG4’s young people’s service from Monday 30th October. Horrid Henry’s name in Gaelic is Dónall Dána.     
TG4’s Young People's Editor, Siobhan Ní Bhrádaigh had this to say of their acquisition…. “
‘We are delighted to have acquired ‘Horrid Henry’ for our Young people’s schedule Cúla4, we are always on the lookout for entertaining and fun content for our young audiences and this series ticks that box. …. We look forward to having the series in Gaelic on our channel’.
Novel Entertainment’s Creative Director and Horrid Henry producer Lucinda Whiteley said “We are really looking forward to hearing Henry and his friends in Gaelic and we are equally delighted that TG4 has acquired the show”

Horrid Henry/Dónall Dána will air Monday-Friday @ 4.05pm, on Cúla4, TG4 from Monday 30th October 2017.

Posted on 30th Oct 2017