Novel to make film show for CBBC with Michael Sheen

Novel Entertainment has inked a deal with CBBC to produce a fact ent show about the film industry featuring Michael Sheen, Sir Ian McKellen and director Ron Howard.

Cinemaniacs (8 x 30’), is a factual entertainment series aimed at 6 to 12-year-old film fans, where children look at all aspects of film from a humorous angle.

Cinemaniacs explores all facets of making and watching  movies. Child-led, the show celebrates all aspects of movie culture with a series of left-field reports and strands such as Michael Sheen; Super Actor, where each week the award-winning actor is challenged by a young audience, and DIY Blockbuster, featuring, amongst others, director Ron Howard and British actor Sir Ian McKellen.

Industry talent both from in front of and behind the camera share their own stories, inside information and advice on getting started and getting on; Secrets of Movie Making reveal how to achieve home-made Hollywood-style special effects, Rock Hard Quiz sees young contestants put to the test on their favourite films and Top Tips offers practical advice and encouragement for viewers to get involved and to share their own short films.
Cheryl Taylor, Controller CBBC says: “Cinemaniacs promises to enthrall all the young film fans in the UK and will hopefully inspire them to start expressing their own ideas in epic movie form.”

Hugh Lawton, Executive Producer, Independents, CBBC, says: “Made by, with and for kids, Cinemaniacs is stuffed like a popcorn carton with every fascinating facet of films to entertain the next generation of movie makers."

Lucinda Whiteley, co-founder of Novel Entertainment, and Executive Producer of Cinemaniacs adds: “This is a wonderful series to develop and produce and we have a strong broadcast partner in CBBC. We want to convey the excitement of the movies whilst also encouraging and helping our young audience to experiment with making their own films, something they are increasingly confident about doing.”

Novel Entertainment is producing Cinemaniacs in association with the Series Producer and Director of the series Julian Kemp and associate Producer Michael Sheen. With thanks to the film education charity Into Film. 

Speaking on the project, Julian Kemp says: “For a long time, Michael Sheen and I have wanted to make a series which celebrates movies and movie making. With Cinemaniacs, we have set out to do exactly that. It has been fantastic to be able to work alongside Michael on the show.”

Michael Sheen adds: “We know that children start their love affair with films at an increasingly young age and we wanted to capture that in a TV series that not only inspires them, but gets kids actively involved in the art of movie making.”

If you want to send in a video of your own to CINEMANIACS then head to the CBBC website or you can find out more at iWonder, and you'll find loads of clips and trailers on CBBC YouTube.

Posted on 17th Dec 2014