Horrid Henry Movie Success

Horrid Henry; The Movie saw Henry take his first step from TV to the big screen. Released in July 2011, the movie took over £7million at the UK Box Office, and featured on 440 screens across the country, spending its first 4 weeks in the UK’s top 10 charts.

The movie release was backed by a £1.25million marketing campaign, which included TV advertising, Bus advertising, Billboards, a Regional Tour and Online Marketing. Promotional tie-ins were secured with the Family Railcard, Tesco, Waterstones, Dr Martens and Holiday Inn. The release of the movie was supported by merchandise including an iPhone app which reached number 2 in the kid’s charts, along with a soundtrack album and DVD.

The movie has also been sold internationally, including releases in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

Posted on 1st Aug 2011