Horrid Henry: The Movie In 3D Release Date: Friday 29 July 2011

Certificate – TBC
Running time – TBC

HORRID HENRY: THE MOVIE in 3D will release on Friday 29th July, 2011 in cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

Henry, known as Lord High Majesty of the Purple Hand Gang to his friends and Horrid Henry to almost everyone else is forever waging a battle against the tyranny of adults, only this time it seems as though the adults really are out to get him!

When Henry fails yet again to hand in his homework, he has no idea that this will set off a chain of events which will see him forming an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret, the infuriating girl next door, and his annoying little brother Perfect Peter. An alliance which will see Henry outwitting corrupt School Inspectors, winning the Ashton talent contest, toppling an evil Headmaster, and facing his ultimate nemesis with no way out – all because he is trying to save the very school which he has always professed to hate!

Horrid Henry: The Movie in 3D is the first cinematic adaptation of the hugely popular children’s books and television series. The live action film stars Anjelica Huston (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) as Henry’s terrifying teacher Miss Battle-Axe; Rebecca Front (THE THICK OF IT) as Henry’s headmistress Ms Oddbod; Richard E Grant (THE LITTLE VAMPIRE) as the rival headmaster of Brick House and Parminder Nagra (E.R.) as Miss Lovely.

Featuring Mathew Horne (GAVIN & STACEY) and Siobhan Hayes (MY FAMILY) as Henry’s Mum and Dad, the film also boasts cameos from Noel Fielding (THE MIGHTY BOOSH) as Killer Boy Rats’ frontman Ed Banger, Jo Brand (GETTING ON) the Demon Dinner Lady, Prunella Scales (FAWLTY TOWERS) as Great Aunt Greta and Kimberley Walsh (Girls Aloud) as Prissy Polly. The film also introduces new young stars including Scarlett Stitt as Moody Margaret, Ross Marron as Perfect Peter and Theo Stevenson leads in the title role as Horrid Henry.

Horrid Henry: The Movie in 3D is directed by BAFTA nominated Nick Moore and written by Lucinda Whiteley. A co-production between Vertigo Films and Novel Entertainment, Horrid Henry: The Movie in 3D is produced by Rupert Preston and Lucinda Whiteley, and Executive Produced by Mike Watts and Allan Niblo together with Tim Smith and Paul Brett of Prescience and James Swarbrick for Aegis Film Fund.

The creative team behind Horrid Henry: The Movie in 3D includes director of photography Sam McCurdy (STREET DANCE 3D), production designer Richard Bullock (STREET DANCE 3D), editor Simon Cozens (WILD CHILD), original music by Lester Barnes (HORRID HENRY TV SERIES); and costume designer Colleen Kelsall (NINE).

Co-funded with the UK Film Council, Prescience and Aegis Film Fund Ltd., Horrid Henry: The Movie in 3D will be distributed by Vertigo Films in the UK with Protagonist Pictures taking international sales.

Trailer: http://www.horridhenry.me/horrid_henry_the_movie

Posted on 1st Apr 2011